About us

Safe, affordable, eco-friendly on-site hydrogen peroxide generation

We are developers and providers of autonomous, safe and eco-friendly hydrogen peroxide generation solutions, using only water, electricity and air as input. We address our customers’ needs in market segments ranging from agriculture and aquaculture, to industrial and drinking water treatment, and through to home appliances. Our market offerings are based on technological breakthroughs in direct electrochemical synthesis of hydrogen peroxide developed by our team over the course of the last 7 years.

Our mission

With our range of on-site hydrogen peroxide generators, we strive to offer our customers strong ROI through reduced use of chemicals, reduced logistical and handling costs, and increased supply reliability and occupational safety. We further aim to reduce the carbon and overall environmental footprints of water treatment applications.

On site H2O2  generation with HPGen can enable

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Reduced carbon dioxide emissions
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Reduction in impurities and unwanted traces
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Circular economy

Our story

The original technological breakthroughs were made by Rasmus Frydendal (CTO) and Arnau Verdaguer (Director of Products), throughout their studies at the DTU. Realizing the vast market potential of these discoveries, the two were joined by our CEO, Ziv Gottesfeld, and HPNow was incorporated. The team expanded in order to bring on board strong acumen across relevant technology, production and market domains, and the company was capitalized through an investment by Evonik Industries’ VC arm. Our present-day on-site  generation solutions are based on our original innovations, as well as on multiple tech breakthroughs made throughout our journey. Many of these are based on maintaining a close and open ear to the markets which we serve.