Chemical-input free advanced oxidation through on-site peroxide generation in ground-breaking project

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HPNow’s patented HPGen technology enables on-site hydrogen peroxide generation from water and electricity, without any chemical inputs. This proposition strongly appealed to Netherlands-based water treatment solutions provider PureBlue. By combining an HPGen system together with PureBlue’s UV chamber, chemical-input free UV – Peroxide AOP breakdown of trace organic compounds can be achieved for the first time.

The advanced oxidation process (AOP) enables breakdown of highly durable water-borne  trace organic compounds (TrOC). These pollutants originate from pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industries, and cannot be broken down via traditional oxidation methods. They represent a growing threat to health and environment, and are an area of increasing focus for regulators, industries and water utilities worldwide.

Advanced oxidation is usually achieved through a combination of UV and hydrogen peroxide. UV converts hydrogen peroxide to powerful radicals that are capable of breaking down these highly durable organic compounds. The process is highly sustainable as the peroxide breaks down to pure water and oxygen, leaving no unwanted trace behind. But the delivery, storage and handling of hydrogen peroxide represents multiple challenges. Present-day bulk production methods are GHG and emission intensive. Hydrogen peroxide is in turn delivered to the point of use at high concentrations, and requires special storage and handling procedures and infrastructure. In contrast, HPGen makes peroxide simple, safe and sustainable through on-site production from only water and electricity, at a safe and low concentration, and with no GHG or toxic waste emissions.

HPGen system together with Angelo de Mul (left), PureBlue’s general manager, and HPNow’s Business Development Manager for Benelux and Germany Tiret Dewnarain (right).

Reduced costs in labor, infrastructure, and chemical inputs

After several months of testing the results have been outstanding, with the combination of HPGen’s on-site generated Peroxide UltraPure™ and PureBlue’s UV proven to be as effective, and at times more effective, as compared to bulk peroxide. This approach is free of chemical inputs, and enables for the first time a fully autonomous UV-peroxide AOP. Angelo de Mul, General Manager at PureBlue, comments: “The combination of HPGen hydrogen peroxide generated directly on site, and PureBlue UV enables a much safer and reliable advanced oxidation process, with reduced costs in labor, infrastructure, and chemical inputs. These represent great benefit to our customers and partners.”

Arnau Verdaguer, HPNow’s Director of Products noted: “We are very pleased to collaborate with PureBlue on this project, which represents an important milestone for HPNow, showcasing the benefits of our patented HPGen technology in addressing an area of growing global concern regarding trace organic compounds in our water systems”.

Chemical-input free advanced oxidation installation at PureBlue, Netherlands. The HPGen system produces Peroxide UltraPure™ on-site which is then combined with PureBlue’s UV light to remove highly-durable organic pollutants from water.

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