HPNow Developing Embedded H2O2 Generator for Dishwashers, in Collaboration with BSH

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HPNow is developing an embedded hydrogen peroxide generator with the goal to improve cleaning and save energy in dishwashers. The development is done in collaboration with BSH Electrodomesticos, and supported by Eurostars.

Copenhagen, July 1, 2020. HPNow (www.hpnow.eu), a leading developer and provider of on-site hydrogen peroxide generation solutions, is developing a novel embedded hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) generator  for dishwashers. Dishwasher manufacturers are striving to meet market demand in improved cleaning, shorter cycle time, and reduced energy consumption. HPNow’s breakthrough technology enables the generation of H2O2 – a powerful yet eco-friendly cleaning agent – throughout the wash cycle, using only electric power and water as inputs. This can lead to up to 50% reduction in cleaning cycle time, and reduced energy consumption, while adding no consumables and improving consumer experience. Following use, the hydrogen peroxide generated by HPNow’s device breaks down to pure water and oxygen.

The development is done in collaboration with BSH Electrodomesticos, a part of the BSH group with a range of global home appliance brands including Siemens and Bosch.

The development project is partly supported by a Eurostars grant (project E! 113219 HPGEN-EMBEDDED).




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