Interview: Tiret Dewnarain, Business Development

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Tiret Dewnarain is a veteran in the water sector, with over 30 years of experience in wastewater, drinking water and industrial water treatment. But things could have turned out very differently… In the early 1990s, Tiret saw an article in a newspaper about the important role water plays in health. He was fascinated, and asked the company behind the article if he could join them. Eventually, he was allowed to join, reached his targets in the first month, and a water career was born.

Now, three decades later, we’re fortunate enough to have Tiret working with us at HPNow. “Coming from an installation background, I still had to come to grips with hydrogen peroxide when I first got in touch with HPNow in 2019. But I understood the importance of the on-site generation technology for the future, and was soon fascinated.”


In his own words, Tiret only works for companies where he enjoys going to work, and HPNow is no exception. “The team here is great, and I love how we can communicate freely and openly with everyone here. Each member of the team is willing to help out, there’s no competition internally, which is very nice.”

Making the dream work

Of course, teamwork alone doesn’t make the dream work. That’s why Tiret, who is based in the Netherlands, starts every morning e-mailing and calling customers and prospects, to make sure the sales pipeline never runs dry. “I also travel a lot, 3 days a week on average, visiting prospects and clients. And I regularly travel abroad to other markets, like the UK and Germany.”

And when it’s time to relax, Tiret enjoys a round of golf, or a few laps in his racing simulator. But the most important hobby of all, naturally, is spending time with his family.

Dreaming of the future

Looking at the future, Tiret sees a lot of potential in the markets for HPNow’s on-site peroxide generation technology. “One development I’m particularly excited about, is raising the concentration we can generate. That will give us a boost in the industrial market. Fortunately, I’m seeing a lot of flexibility in the company that will help us continue to evolve.”

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