Irrigation water treatment, seamlessly delivered

With HPGenTM irrigation water treatment has never been more effective, safe and hassle-free. HPGenTM generates pure, ultra-low-concentration hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) where and when it is needed, using only water, air and electricity.

HPGenTM eliminates the need to treat irrigation water with toxic chemical agents, which harm the irrigation system as well as our environment. The ultra-low-concentration solution produced by HPGenTM does not damage drippers or irrigation lines, and is free of stabilizers or other chemical agents. Following use, the solution generated by HPGenTM breaks down to pure oxygen and water – enhancing water oxygen content for the benefit of plant roots, and leaving no environmental footprint behind.

The HPGenTM is well suited for water installations in commercial greenhouses where it can provide cost-efficient water treatment on-site and on-demand. The generated hydrogen peroxide is safe to use and does not require any consumables. Upon contact with soil, the hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen, leaving no trace.

HPGenTM Key benefits:

  • Chemical and consumable free – uses only water, air and electricity as system input
  • Produces pure, safe, low concentration hydrogen peroxide – leaves no unwanted traces behind
  • Autonomous operation – hassle-free, reduced maintenance and labor costs
  • Decreased irrigation line maintenance – reduced need for monitoring and replacement of irrigation system components

HPGenTM Return on Investment:

  • Reduced costs – labor in handling of chemicals
  • Improved plant health – increased root oxygenation
  • Increased use of non-potable water sources – effective irrigation water treatment enables increased tapping into lower-quality water sources


Note: HPGen and its generated product are not intended for use as a biocide

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