The treatment of water borne micro-organisms in livestock drinking water is increasingly recognized as vitally important for the well-being of animals, increased production, lower disease and mortality.

Most treatment agents used today are chlorine-based, which damage living organisms and the environment, and their use is therefore limited to ultra-low concentrations with limited efficacy. Use of chlorine at higher concentrations can further lead to repelling water odor and taste. The use of well controlled, eco-friendly, odorless and taste-less hydrogen peroxide can lead to safer water and improved animal health and wellbeing.

Key benefits:

  • Improved animal health and wellbeing.
  • Safe and sustainable – breaks down to water and oxygen.
  • No external consumables – uses only water, air and electricity as feedstock.
  • No need for storage and handling of dangerous substances.
  • Autonomous device – eliminates “logistical headache”.

Air and Surface treatment

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