Melon packing house improves post-harvest biosecurity through HPGen water treatment

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Agrolíbano is one of the largest melon growers in the world, with over 6000 ha of crops by the Pacific Ocean in Honduras. In an effort to further strengthen bio-security practices and optimize water usage, Agrolíbano was looking for a long-term solution enabling sustainable and safe reuse of the water in the post-harvest wash of the fruits. To this end they turned to HPNow, which recommended implementing three HPGen systems for this operation. The HPGen systems generate Peroxide UltraPure™ directly on-site, which is then injected into the water and keeps it free of bacteria, viruses and fungi. The systems secure supply of high quality hydrogen peroxide, and the packing house can operate at full speed in the season.

Aerial overview of Agrolíbano’s fields in Honduras

HPGen system

Agrolíbano installed three HPGen A-Series systems in its packing house. Peroxide UltraPure™ generated by the systems is introduced in a controlled manner in the recirculating water baths used in the melon cleaning process, keeping the water clean and the produce safe.

The HPGen production center is installed in a dedicated room adjacent to the packing house. The HPGen systems automatically fill buffer tanks with Peroxide UltraPure™, from which it is introduced in the recirculation baths. The system operates completely autonomously, without need for manual intervention.

No residues

Importantly, there are no residues from the use of Peroxide UltraPure™, as after use it becomes water and oxygen. Therefore, there are no toxic byproducts that can accumulate on the cleaned melons, and the released oxygen in gas form creates bubbles that help mechanically clean the melons.

Post-harvest cleaning of the fruits at Agrolíbano

 “A step forward in food safety”

As part of the melon post-harvest process, water quality is closely monitored by Agrolíbano according to strict standards. This includes water analysis to ensure bacterial levels, including E. coli, are well below safety standards. Pedro Mejía, technical manager at Agrolíbano, reports: “Following installation of the HPGen production center, we have observed that bacterial levels have been maintained well below safety thresholds. The HPGen systems represent a step forward in our food safety practices, as well as in our sustainability efforts”.

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