On-site generation of a Green Oxidant with the GOgen

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HPNow, the Danish pioneer in sustainable water treatment solutions, is proud to unveil its latest innovation, the GOgen – a game-changing on-site Green Oxidant generator poised to revolutionize the landscape of industrial water treatment. The GOgen sets a new benchmark by producing ultra-high purity hydrogen peroxide directly on-site, and without chemical inputs, at up to 1% concentration. This unlocks a world of sustainable water treatment possibilities for multiple applications, including cooling and process water treatment, advanced oxidation, and odor control.

The GOgen’s capabilities are underpinned by a series of groundbreaking improvements in HPNow’s patented technology. By harnessing the power of its breakthrough direct-electrochemical synthesis technology, the device generates ultra-high purity hydrogen peroxide directly on-site with only water and electricity as inputs, eliminating the need for traditional bulk-chemical based oxidation.

Among its many applications, GOgen’s prime target areas encompass closed water loops, including cooling towers and HVAC systems, as well as chemical-input free advanced oxidation processes (AOP). Furthermore, GOgen seamlessly integrates with complementary technologies like UV or ozone to make chemical inputs in AOP a thing of the past. In the quest for environmental sustainability, the GOgen emerges as a powerful tool in the arsenal for ensuring the purity and safety of our water resources.

“With the GOgen, we are witnessing a watershed moment in water treatment,” says Ziv Gottesfeld, CEO of HPNow. “Our revolutionary on-site Green Oxidant generation technology marks a shift towards chemical-input free solutions that are not only effective but also highly sustainable. The GOgen is set to redefine industry norms, enabling industrial water treatment professionals to have continuous access to a sustainably generated Green Oxidant.”

Embracing on-site Green Oxidant generation offers an array of benefits for industrial water treatment professionals:

  • Chemical-Input Free: By utilizing only air, electricity, and water, the GOgen eliminates the need for traditional chemical inputs, reducing the environmental footprint and minimizing the impact on water quality.
  • Sustainability at Its Core: The GOgen underscores HPNow’s dedication to sustainable practices, reducing the reliance on transportation and storage of pre-packaged hydrogen peroxide, which in turn reduces carbon emissions.
  • Enhanced Safety: On-site hydrogen peroxide generation ensures a safer working environment by minimizing the handling and storage of hazardous chemicals.
  • Supply Security: The GOgen empowers industries with an autonomous and reliable source of high-purity hydrogen peroxide, mitigating supply chain uncertainties and safeguarding operations.

The unveiling of the GOgen marks an important contribution to a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future in water treatment. HPNow is thrilled to announce that the GOgen will be showcased at upcoming trade shows, including the WEFTEC in Chicago, the AWT Annual Convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the Aquatech in Amsterdam, where GOgen has been nominated for the Innovation Award. Be sure to experience firsthand the future of water treatment by visiting HPNow’s booth.

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