Power-to-X installation for generation of Peroxide UltraPure™ implemented in Spain

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This last December HPNow commissioned the world’s first full implementation of Power-to-Peroxide in Hermisan, an irrigation and agriculture company located near Alicante, Eastern Spain. The installation has allowed the company to produce peroxide using only power and water. “Peroxide can be produced directly on-site, without any transport or logistics”, explains Arnau Verdaguer, Director of Products at HPNow. “With solar power, peroxide can be produced without any CO2 emissions, or toxic waste – while the traditional bulk peroxide production and supply chain emits up to 3 tons of GHG and 10 tons of toxic waste per ton delivered on site.”

Hermisan’s tangerine field near Alicante, Spain. The crop is watered through drip irrigation lines.

Some of Hermisan’s citrus fields are in remote locations, which poses logistical challenges in electrical grid stability, access to water and delivery of supplies to the farm. To alleviate these issues, several years ago Hermisan already installed solar panels to supply energy, and started irrigating the crop using locally available recycled wastewater. Recycled wastewater contains high amounts of bacteria and algae, and this caused a drop in farm production due to poor health of the plants, which forced Hermisan to use extensive chemical treatments to keep their crop alive.

Solar plants at Hermisan’s field, providing electricity to the operation

HPGen at Hermisan’s field. HPGen generates Peroxide UltraPure™ from water and electricity, and is used for irrigation water treatment

No CO2 emissions, no toxic waste

In an effort to mitigate chemical inputs for their water treatment, and the associated logistical burden and costs, Hermisan turned to HPNow for a solution to produce hydrogen peroxide on-site from only solar power and water. This led to the installation of the HPGen system, which generates hydrogen peroxide directly on-site and is coupled with the solar panels supplying energy, without any CO2 emissions, transport or waste created in the process.

Produced Peroxide UltraPure™ is then introduced in the irrigation lines, ensuring a uniform irrigation, a healthier crop and better yields.

Power to Peroxide

This is an important milestone for HPNow, showcasing the benefits of its patented HPGen Power to Peroxide technology producing hydrogen peroxide from electricity and water in a sustainable way, and directly at the point of use.

Peroxide UltraPure™ has multiple proven uses as an oxidizing agent and in water treatment applications, and through HPGen systems it can be made on-site, coupled with renewable power sources to make emissions-free peroxide.

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