On-site, on-demand, consumable-free water and air treatment

We are pioneering the market introduction of a powerful technological breakthrough in on-site generation of hydrogen peroxide. HPNow’s technology enables on-demand, highly-efficient production of hydrogen peroxide using only water, electricity and air as input.

We stepped outside of the current frameworks to develop our proprietary technology, and this has allowed us to invent devices generating hydrogen peroxide using only electricity, water and air as feedstock, and without any addition or handling of corrosive electrolytes or consumables.

  • No external consumables – uses only water, air and electricity as feedstock.
  • Solid-state, modular design – no use of corrosive liquid electrolyte.
  • Autonomous operation – eliminates “logistical headache” in dealing with toxic chemicals.
  • Intrinsically safe – yields H2O2 concentrations well below those used in consumer household products.

With multiple patents pending, our fundamental breakthroughs are at the core of our of our HPGenTM product line, bringing on-site, on demand, safe and cost effective water and air treatment to multiple market segments.